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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 1, 2010 5:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Well, this one goes out to Rob, LA Woman, He Lives, and SCBall, all of whom have discussed this one at length here at the Forum…and don’t forget, it is a show that contains one of the DS’s LiA mentions for his favs of 70…so it has to be good, right? Here are some of the links:

BTW, check out the Doc’s review and take up the discussion as to whether this Fillmore show is the early or late, or complete (not likely it seems). OK, here’s the doc (NOTE: the Doc says “pig’s organ” but most say TC):

“Thankfully, I have all 3 discs for this show. You intrepid fans who want the whole show, as well as 1/3/70 (don't get me started) can look around in the trading community online and find them. They've both been widely circulated for years. Good luck! It's hard to be as objective and thorough when rating 1970 shows for the following reasons: 1. So many don't circualte or exist;
2. Many well played shows suffer from many cuts, and poor SBD quality; 3. Many have large portions missing (like 9/19/70).

But having said that, this show, even with its flaws still makes my top ten for the year. They kick it off with a hot Mason's, and the intensity never lets up. I'm convinced that this IS the early show, although my copy of Deadbase has them reversed. Black Peter is long and soulful, the HTH is fast and funky, and the Cumberland rolls along like a wheel on fire! Although the Other One is good, the Dark Star is better. At close to 30 minutes, they leave no turn unstoned, as it were. I'm listening to it right now. They start it off slow and mellow, with lots of percussion from Mickey and Pig's organ present in the mix. Finally after 8 minutes they sing the verse, then things get weird quickly - as the wind chimes welcome you to the Twilight Zone. A long free form section ensues, with sounds you're not sure where or who they're coming from! Are the walls melting yet? Listen to what Pig does with the organ. This version can't compare to 2/13 or 9/19 - it's quieter and more experimental. But still very enjoyable. The last 10 mintues of jamming are where Jerry really cuts loose into a prototype MLB jam. Someone else posted how these shows, only 2 days after the Boston 1969 New Year's shows, already sound like a different band. And it's true. The only thing wrong with this show is - no acoustic set! That would have to wait until February. A few nasty cuts, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this classic show!
Be there then,
Dr. Flashback :-)”

And here’s the last one at LMA (NOTE: a partial!):

OK, now here’s the set list:

1 Zarathustra introduction 01:09
2 Mason's Children 06:12
3 Casey Jones 04:27
4 Black Peter 12:48
5 Mama Tried 02:39
6 Hard To Handle 04:58
7 Cumberland Blues 05:49
8 Cryptical Envelopment 02:02
9 Drums 03:56
10 The Other One 10:14
11 Cryptical Envelopment 01:59
12 Cosmic Charlie 06:49
13 Uncle John's Band 07:19
14 High Time 07:24
15 Dire Wolf 04:19
16 Easy Wind 07:20
17 China Cat Sunflower 03:36
18 I Know You Rider 02:02
19 Good Lovin' 07:30
20 Me & My Uncle 03:05
21 banter 01:37
22 Monkey & The Engineer 01:58
23 banter 01:35
24 Dark Star 29:59
25 St. Stephen 05:13
26 The Eleven 12:20
27 Turn On Your Lovelight 23:07

This show, according to those in the know, is TC’s last show, and it “shows”, as also mentioned previously, he is “up” in the mix, allowing him to shine on a number of tunes…tunes you wouldn’t expect to have heard him or Pig before…certainly I hadn’t, or at least not clearly. Now, because there are so many singular sounding songs, lets proceed track by track. I provide the links below for those there at the LMA, but trust my selections and timings might differ depending on which you choose.

Tr1 is a strange, AUD sounding rendition of soundtrack music (?) from 2001…hmmm…somehow it sets up a nice:

Tr2 Mason’s Children. This is a song that IMHO, would have benefited from a studio effort for the vocals…they never completely pull it off live, but Jerry provides a nice, well jammed midsection, and you get your TC front and center.

Tr3 is a standard CJones, but you’ve not heard organ this prominent I daresay, and you can also detect some interesting interplay between Bob and Jerry on this one that I have a hard time hearing in others…but that’s probably me.

Tr4 is a nice BPeter in which Jerry’s vocals, to this point perhaps just warming up, improve…his lead work is excellent, guitarwise, and again, Bob is detectable in places I rarely have heard before.

Tr 5, M&MU, and Tr 6, H2H, are perhaps standards, and done so, but you will hear how organ adds to westerns whether you like it or not…it sorta works, frankly. H2H, though, is a truncated version that ends abruptly, certainly not in the league of 8-6-71 nor 4-29-71…

Tr7 reveals that lower in the mix than usual, Phil is coming thru loud and clear…it also made me wonder, how would one know if they were doing the opening rift of this tune, or Caution, per the conversation the other day? They do seem very similar…assume musically inclined sorts know the diff. Anyone still reading and listening? WTF is with Jerry’s tone on this version? Is he out of tune or doing something special? I like it, but I don’t know…

Tr8-12 are the usual TIFTOOne into CCharlie…with drums of course. This is where you realize that TC is especially helpful, the opening CE most obviously (though cut at the point that it happens in a few others from early era shows—tape flip?)…nice complementary sound. One big difference in this OOne with my favs is that Jerry’s dueling leads with the keys is absent: at the three min mark of the OOne there is only organ between the vocals (ie, the three pauses in the verses sung by Bob do not have a organ lead, guitar lead, organ lead tradeoff…if you listen to TFTVault you know it well. Strange. And, CE reprise is NOT gonna get LiA’s notice for the jammed out versions, as it clocks in at just 2’ and quickly moves into CCharlie, SCBall’s least fav early era tune for his fear of what the vocals sound like live, but this one’s not bad. Certainly Jerry does well with it guitar wise; Bob does miss one opening line however, though he doesn’t “break” at the high points as in so many others…and it ends with a cut. Rats. More of those to come though.

D2, Tr1: speaking of which, a nice UJB starts abruptly…Jerry’s voice is not consistent, it seems to me, but the lead guitar and lead organ (really) do a great job on this song (everyone’s fav at one time or another?).

Tr2: HTime, a song Jerry mentioned he’d like to have sung by someone that could sing shows that his voice is not that bad this night; folks even clap at the outset, though hard to imagine anyone knows it’s on the yet to be released (right?) Workingman’s…

Tr3: Here we go Rob, the one you can sing along to! DWolf that is…if you like this song, you HAVE to listen to this version. And, you can read more about it here:

Tr4: EWind is another with a cut start, and perhaps just average…

Tr5-6: CCSIKNYR is done well, and the organ, perfect for the early era tunes, works exceptionally well on the opening of CCS; Jerry and Bob come thru together as the tune progresses, only to be cut viciously (watch out!).

Tr7: GLovin has never been a fav of mine, but this one has an intensity that draws you in, and the prolonged concluding jam is worth the wait…the drums come thru stronger than they have to this point (it is an excellent SBD, IMHO, overall, in spite of comments on mixing aspects).

Tr8: M&MU sits here isolated between two outstanding jam sequences…nice version, and you never did think the organ would work here, did you?

Tr9: well, okay, the broken string blues come next…”Bill Graham’s Amateur Hour” with road crew (?) on kazoo?

Tr10: I lied…M&TEngineer is actually next, while the string and other kwipment troubles are addressed. Strange song in a strange place.

D3, Tr1: Yikes! More troubles…fixing the stuff. Is it Jerry that yells out “White Rabbit”? Someone is joking…

Tr2: Here it is—DS. A great 1970 version. I still like 9-19 better, but this one has a great feel to it, including the prolonged development leading up to the “you name it jam” (look it up kids) at the 19 min mark. Was it He Lives that said the “insect noise” scared him? Was it LiA that described this one as “eerie”? Only downside: the end is cut!!!

Here’s what LiA had to say about it, in part:

Tr3: yes, of course the cut carries over to StSt, and what is this song without the beginning? Could you tolerate Sunshine of your Love without the beg? Hmmm…not sure. Nonetheless, a standard 69 version, which includes the WTBridge (whewww) with blaring organ…and thus we wrap it up with:

Tr4: the Eleven…nice…long version. Whoops, annoying buzz is a drag; sounds like a bad cord, but what do I know?

Tr5: LLight, what else? A nice closer to be sure; check out Jerry’s tone, which thru-out the show has been at variance with at least what I think of as his 69 sound…not sure. But, what we do know is this great show has rec’d lots of attention from our friends besides Rob and LiA, such as the following folks:

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Poster: deadmax Date: Jan 2, 2010 1:16am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

I have a soft spot in my head for January 1970. It seems they are still playing like it's 1969 but are mellowing out for what we know is to come. Of course 1/2 and 1/3 but what about Hawaii? Only time they played that state I believe.

Good review Billy T.

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Poster: bbbrew Date: Jan 3, 2010 2:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Nice, thoughtful review Will, thanks. That was a fun listen.

" organ adds to westerns, whether you like it or not..."

The latter would be true for my listening pleasure. The organ just doesn't sound so good on the boogy-woogy, country type tunes. It worked for me on BPeter with a church funeral sound but on Mama Tried and Cumberland that sound just doesnt seem to work as well. A honky tonky, country piano sound I like best on those tunes. Gets the ladies dancing and the boys to take their hands out of their pockets.

Fun show and fun read. Here are a couple pics of the show. The thrid one, from 2/14 is intresting with the looks on their faces.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 3, 2010 3:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Hey BBB--couldn't have said it better myself! RE: piana, or piano if you prefer, but my OK relatives always pronounced it the is perfect when Keith, in the early years, would add that sound. Now, I don't know organs from pianos, but clearly he uses something piano like at Harding Theatre for example, and it is perfect for these sorts of tunes...I just find the organ amazing on this show, 1-2-70, since we rarely "hear" it given the mix.

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Poster: bbbrew Date: Jan 3, 2010 3:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Aye, it is real nice to hear the organ up in the mix, for the tunes it works well with. Wish it was more like that in April '69.

The Hardings have some real fun piano, and of course the not so fun tech issues, still a fav of mine. Im no expert, however, it sounds like a piano and electric piano are both played, a stienway and roland, respectivly? Ill have to look that up again. A correction from someone who knows better would be most welcome.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 3, 2010 8:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Yep, I've heard that he did both from someone too (Keith at HT).

Oh yeah, the faces are killer, esp Jerry's quizzical one!

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jan 1, 2010 6:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

I think this is the longest review we've gotten from Mr Tell!

But I think TC's last show was actually 1-30-70....he had a couple more Dark Stars in him!
It was after the Feb Fillmore East shows that they went to record the album.

(And, not to be picky, but I don't actually say anything about 1-2-70 in that first post you linked.....)

About the early/late show order - they used to be reversed as you mentioned, but I think your order is right.
I think the confusion came about through people's faulty memories... It always seemed 'wrong' to me that the Dark Star set would be the early set, both because it seems like the 'bigger' set in terms of having the long medley, and also timewise - the first set is one hour, the second set is two hours, which makes little sense if they're reversed!

Of course, there were first-show Dark Stars....most notably, 2-14-70 where they do the whole medley right away, even though they'd done one the night before!
But usually (as on 2-11, 2-13, 5-15) the Dark Star medley is in the second show.

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Poster: and improved! Date: Jan 1, 2010 6:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH: 1-2-70 (almost...again)

Holy mechanical error, Batman!